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AI Chatbot for Better Customer Service - Our Project Manager Explains What Matters!

ThinkPower 2019/10/29 12:19:17

Author: Project Manager SysTalk.Chat

As a project manager, I take care of a smooth implementation process and coordinate the communication between the deployment team and the client. One of the first questions is how we integrate SysTalk.Chat into the existing system. Since large amounts of data have to be accessed and each system has different requirements, advanced AI chatbots are rarely an off-the-shelf ready product. The enhanced services offered by a professional chatbot require individual flow creation and advanced API management. Another important question is which business operations can be taken over by chatbots. An experienced service provider will discuss your requirements in detail and will ensure that your expectations match the functionality of the chatbot.


What makes a good chatbot?

Main critics about chatbots are that they are to “robotic” and just able to answer questions from a template. That is because most chatbot solutions can only answer requests by request, which means they need to finish one loop before opening another. But real-life conversation works different and multiple inquiries might be combined in one conversation. Therefore, a chatbot which is able to switch from the latest question back to the previous one will make your AI customer solution more natural.


You might believe that a chatbot is not able to provide good customer service because it lacks empathy. That's why your chatbot should be able to detect negative sentimental response from the customer and transfer the conversation to a human agent if required.


Considerations you should be aware of

Keep in mind that more human-like behavior and advanced service options also increase the complexity of flows and API management. For a project of this scale, it is very crucial to find a software company that has the experience and the know-how you need. Especially in the finance and insurance sector, your customers will ask: “How secure is my data?” So you need a service provider who can handle end to end encryption.


The planning stage is the key to the later success of the project flow. Discuss your requirements with your service provider in detail and make the requests as specific as possible. Be aware that during the whole process your internal teams need to cooperate with the external service provider. The IT teams as well as the customer care department need to be involved. For many of our clients, it is difficult to know in advance which services exactly can be handled by chatbots and how the dialog flow should look like. Therefore, we created a visualized case example for our clients to get a better sense for SysTalk.Chat’s functionality. We constantly improve our SOP and customize it to our customer needs. A close communication for discussing the requirements and the existing system in detail is fundamental to get the product you are expecting. Make sure your project includes a detailed testing period and performance analytics.


From my personal experience, I can only recommend to find a solution provider which is skilled in system integration, API management as well as secure data management. An experienced team and a good service during the implementation period will spare you many trouble and costs in the long run.


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